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Relax and say 'ahhhh' with this peaceful, soothing blend of ambient music and new age sounds, particularly suited for winding down and letting go.

Relaxation. That is what Aura is all about. Whether you are looking for music to play at a spa, to give a massage, use for a yoga session, or even to play to relieve stress. Tracks on Aura are relaxing, uplifting, and most of all, inspirational. Aura provides a gentle, calming, quiet, perfect to relax to atmosphere.

There's tracks that could be called New Age, but there's much more that that as well, like Eastern sounds, soothing Celtic tracks, even some Native American influences. Aura will bring the spa experience to wherever it's being played. The calming quality of the music on Aura promotes a relaxation response, and is perfect for meditating and massages, as many tracks have a deeply spiritual quality.

You can play spa music to help you deal with anxiety and de-stress, or anytime you need to play music that promotes a customer to relax. Listen for: Llewellyn, Liquid Mind, Steven Halpern, Aeoliah, Deva Premal, Eluvium, Patrick O'Hearn, Deuter, David Arkenstone, Namaste, and 2002.

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