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Luxe is our chic, hip, lush, stylish, upbeat mix of contemporary chill and lounge music.

Luxe is an electronica lounge mix that is sensual, sophisticated, eclectic, relaxing and never boring! Perfect music to sip a vodka martini to, play in a swanky hotel bar or lounge, or chic salon. The music on Luxe is designed to set a laid back partying mood. The beats tend to be mid to uptempo, danceable, heavy on drums and bass, sort of like a downtempo disco, but updated and more sophisticated. The melodies are more atmospheric than song-oriented.

Luxe has an emphasis on an eclectic mix of international artists and sounds. There are French, Spanish, Brazilian, American, even Middle Eastern sounds here that you would never hear on a traditional radio station. There's Acid Jazz, Lounge, Bossa Nova beats, a splash of Brazil, a touch of Tango... you name it! Luxe is presented in a mix that ranges from mellow, to funky, over the edge, in the groove diverse ear treasures.You might feel transported to Paris, New York, London, or even Tokyo with this diversified collection of electronic lounge music.

Listeners will have a sense of new discovery with a global experience with the stylistic sweet beats and jazzy vocals. An upbeat modern take on background music perfect for any gathering of hipsters, nonchalants, chic geeks, supermodels, gigolos, and aspiring Parisian Beatniks. Listen for: I:Cube, Stephane Pompougnac, Rouge Rouge, Tosca, Boozoo Bajou, Angus & Julia Stone, Hotel Costes, Slow Train, Trinity FM, S-Tone Inc, OM Lounge, Thievery Corporation, Variety Lab, Buddha Bar.

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