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Large or small, IO Music has the package that’s right for you!

STANDARD Package from IO Music

Recommended for businesses with up to 50 locations.

  • Choose from 9 music suites offering a total of 45 channels
  • No commercials, DJ chatter or other distractions
  • Includes all music licensing fees

Pricing: $24.99/month per location.

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CUSTOM Package from IO Music

Recommended for businesses with more than 50 locations – a one-of-a-kind, in-store music stream designed to optimize your customers’ brand experience.

Leading brands such as McDonald’s, SUBWAY® Restaurants and Dunkin' Donuts have worked closely with IO Music to identify and hand select the most appropriate music genres, songs and artists for their customers. Your own branded station or channel playlist will carry the unique sound of your business!

  • Packages include all music licensing fees
  • We can assist you with the production of customized branding elements, such as company IDs (e.g., “You're listening to Dunkin’ Radio”), current advertisements and corporate promotions; even using your own voice talent.
  • We can make your custom radio station available to consumers online, broadening your reach and impact beyond each location

Pricing: Contact Us for a consultation and quote.

IO Music Player

IO Music lets you put together the kind of in-store entertainment your customers enjoy most. With no static, commercials, DJ chatter and other distractions.

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IO Music Stream

Streaming Music that is continuously being updated to include the most recent hits by major label artists, keeping the sound fresh and non-repetitious.

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