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The music you play should be a compliment to the food you serve.

The first course served in your restaurant is not eaten, it's heard. The background music playing in your establishment is the first thing a customer will "consume" upon entering. Therefore, it is very important that your restaurant music service complements your style and brand, and projects an atmosphere conducive to a pleasant dining experience. Just as your menu is varied and changes from time to time, your background music should, as well. Another one of the positive aspects of good restaurant background music is that it serves as a buffer from unpleasant noises coming from the kitchen or service help chatter. In the dining area, background music also serves as an aural privacy wall for your customers, allowing them to hold conversations without being overheard by neighboring diners.

RadioIO's music library consists of millions of amazing songs you will love to listen to, so IOMusic is able to create custom business music channels that suit your style while entertaining your customers. Or, you can choose from our genre-specific music suites that feature commercial-free, non-repetitive music. Using our standard background music service package, you can play the station of your choice and not hear the same song twice within a week's time.

You will find that if you serve up the right music along with excellent food and atmosphere, your restaurant will always be recommended by diners and considered a "must visit" establishment. Check out our music suites for restaurant background music to select the sound best suited for you and your restaurant!

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QSRs & Fast Casual

Add music to your menu board and watch your sales soar.

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Italian Restaurants

Complimenti your fine cuisine with background music for your restaurant.

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BBQ Restaurants

Go hog wild with restaurant music that will fire up your crew and keep your customers happy.

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Latin Restaurants

A delicioso combination that will have your sales increasing!

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Mexican Restaurants

Mexican fare and restaurant background music will strengthen your brand and spice up your restaurant.

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Coffee Houses

Fresh brewed and ready to serve coffeehouse background music.

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