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Floating on billows of space music there is an expansive journey awaiting. Weightless and worry-free, these tracks provide both an ambient atmosphere and a listening space quite removed from overthinking or overdoing. Instead there’s plenty of room to contact our inner space and equal access to the vast perspective and overview of outer space.

Slow your pace as you expand. Explore the inner and outer spaces of thoughts or feelings that color your life’s journey. These tracks provide a wide range of depth and discovery and a wealth of space to unwind, relax and settle into your own space.

You’ll hear Jonn Serrie, David Helpling, Hollan Holmes, Kevin Kendle, Meg Bowles, Rudy Adrian, Chronotope Project, Numina, Andrew Forrest, Steve Roach, David Parsons, Brian Eno and Robert Carty among many others.

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