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Make sure your customers are at ease with great music, and nothing to interrupt their relaxation.

The background music you play can ease your client's minds. Creating a stress-free and relaxing environment through music has been shown to reduce anxiety. Whether you run a yoga studio or a large spa center, our music can provide your clients with a better more relaxing experience.

IO Music provides a suite of 5 specialized music channels crafted specifically for Spa & Wellness businesses. Check out our Spa & Wellness channels below. Our music library consists of millions of amazing songs you will love to listen to, and IO Music is able to create custom business music channels that suit your style while entertaining your customers. With background music from IO Music, you can play the station of your choice and not hear the same song twice within a week’s time.

You will find that if you offer up the right music along with your relaxing environment, your spa will always be recommended by travelers and considered a "must visit" place to go. Check out our music suites for wellness background music to select the sound best suited for you and your spa!

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An endless stream of music for soothing self-care.

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Gentle Eastern flavors abound in this spacious inner journey.

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To rest and receive is the key to letting go into sleep and peaceful states.

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Soothing Voices

Let these soothing voices accompany you wherever your experience leads.

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Explore the outer spaces of thoughts or feelings that color your life’s journey.

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Choose programming that’s in perfect tune with your customers!

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