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Yoga - Restore

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This is music meant for the soothing, languid close to a Yoga session, often called Savasana, and may be applied elsewhere with similar restorative results. After a smooth workout of stretching, deepening, holding poses or even working up a bit of a sweat, the opportunity to integrate the release of physical tension and return to a natural state of deep relaxation is a blessing, and this music opens up that very space perfectly.

Whether the music is considered, healing, spacious, plaintive, meditative or simply restful, it’s perfect to lay down with it and let it all the way in.

You’ll hear Kevin Kendle, Deuter, Liquid Mind, Jami Sieber, Wah!, Coyote Oldman, Gary Stroutsos, John Serrie, Benjy Wertheimer, Steve Gorn, Marina Raye, and Frank Steiner, Jr. among many others.

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