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It’s a wide world of music that circles the globe, each culture being a major contributor in both their own unique tradition and modern expression of today’s emerging unity. Exotic flavors and cross-cultural rhythms travel the globe to spice life with joy or as part of an inspired yoga session.

This channel covers a lot of ground in bringing both cross-cultural influences and interpretations of how to take yoga music into the fullest perspective. Music for dance and movement, fascinating rhythmic chants, and all manner of world music styles will blend and coalesce on this channel.

You’ll hear Prem Joshua, Stephan Micus, DJ Drez, Al Gromer Khan, Chinmaya Dunster, Sean Johnson, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Cheb I Sabbah, Maneesh de Moor, Manish Vyas, Mercan Dede and many others.

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