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IO Music Monthly Service
IO Music Monthly Service


IO Music Service


Service Price: $34.99/1 month(s)

Choose your payment terms Monthly, Quarterly or Annually
Equipment Cost: $169.00


Payment Term


IO Music Service Details

With a constantly growing library of millions of songs and the proprietary technology to package, deliver and update your music and message streams, IO Music lets you put together the kind of in-store entertainment your customers enjoy most. With no static, commercials, DJ chatter and other distractions.


  • Your business's music will not only entertain, it will enhance the brand, build a friendly atmosphere, control the customer experience, and it will also grow revenue.
  • IO Music was developed with your business in mind, choose from over 40 channels, or we'll work with you to create a custom station for your brand.
  • Streaming Music that is continuously being updated to include the most recent hits by major label artists, keeping the sound fresh and non-repetitious.
  • Content is closely monitored and edited to insure all customers can fully enjoy the sound of your store.
  • All music is fully licensed, keeping you compliant.


  • $169.00 one-time cost for IO Music Player
  • $34.99 per month for IO Music Stream service, plus applicable local tax for services
  • Payments can be made electronically either quarterly or annually (credit card)
  • We can accept a data file of your store locations for single billing solutions. Please call 813.400.1240 if purchasing for multiple locations.


  • Messaging is produced by IO Music
  • Customized Music and Messaging are available


  • There are no satellites, dishes, or antennas that need to be attached to your building
  • IO Music Player – simply plug and play
  • No wiring to any external antenna

Benefits of IO Music Stream

  • Wide variety of music, providing the best of the best major label artists. You know your customers, and with IO Music you can cater to their preference in every genre
  • Simplicity of installation and everyday use
  • You never have to worry about content as every channel has been edited to insure it is 100% retail friendly
  • All music is fully licensed from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange

Sound System Equipment

You can elect to upgrade speakers and amplifiers on a store-by-store basis. See more details here at IO Music 4 Speaker Complete™ or IO Music 6 Speaker Complete™.

Price Includes: One time fee of $169.00 for the IO Music Player, and the IO Music Streaming service at $34.99/month.