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Great background music is the new “mint on a pillow"

Whether your establishment is an upscale boutique hotel, a business friendly multi location chain or a comfy roadside bed and breakfast, a guest views your place as their home away from home. Aside from providing your guests with a clean room and comfortable bed, why not provide them with a “soundtrack” for their stay? Your hotel background music should not only reflect your brand but also act as a “welcome mat” for road weary travelers, energetic families on the start of their vacation, or the businessperson in town for a few days.

RadioIO's music library consists of millions of amazing songs you will love to listen to, so IOMusic is able to create custom business music channels that suit your style while entertaining your customers. Or, you can choose from our genre-specific music suites that feature commercial-free, non-repetitive music. Using our standard background music service package, you can play the station of your choice and not hear the same song twice within a week’s time.

You will find that if you offer up the right music along with your clean and comfortable environment, your hotel will always be recommended by travelers and considered a "must visit" place to stay. Check out our music suites for hospitality background music to select the sound best suited for you and your hotel!

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