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Getting Started

It’s easy: You can be up and humming in days!

Get the music started now!

Contact Us if you’re interested in discussing the development of a CUSTOM Package for your business.

Or if you’re ready for a STANDARD Package place your order for your IO Streaming Music Player, IO Speaker System, or IO Complete Package. After you receive your new media player, just plug it into your sound system, choose your channel and turn up the sales volume!

Music technology and content in perfect harmony!

IO Music utilizes the latest Internet streaming technology and equipment to provide the most efficient and reliable background music service.

The state-of-the art, stand-alone player connects our service directly to your in-store sound system. The compact unit fits almost anywhere and is operated by a remote control that does not require a line of sight. No coordination with a computer, no CD handling, no maintaining playlists.

For player specs, Click Here.

To fill your business with great music, here’s all you need:

  • An IO Music streaming media player featuring digital technology (pictured in guide) – one unit per location
  • Your existing in-store sound system (receiver/tuner and speakers)
    - For optional IO Music speaker packages, Click Here
  • Your selected IO Music Programming Package
Download Our Quick Start Guide

IO Music is the easiest background music service for you to use and enjoy, because unlike satellite or broadcast radio, CDs or iPod music:

  • There's no wiring to an unsightly exterior antenna, which can be difficult to install and must face in a specific direction for optimal reception
  • There's no loss of signal due to foliage, sunspot interference, physical obstructions, or subterranean locations
  • There's no ordering, handling, storage and potential theft of CDs
  • There's no danger of receiving hefty, per-store fines for playing music unlawfully, because all music-licensing fees are included!

How It Works

Background music makes a difference to your business. So does your music provider.

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Our Music

Choose programming that’s in perfect tune with your customers!

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Packages & Pricing

Large or small, IO Music has the package that’s right for you!

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