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Help & FAQ

We’ll answer all your music needs. And questions.

1. How does IO Business Music work?

Unlike FM or satellite radio, IO Music utilizes a streaming Internet media player to play selected music channel(s) in real time, so you can always count on up-to-the minute, great sounding, static-free music. New songs are added daily and messaging can be frequently updated or changed.

2. What equipment do I need?

All you need is a sound system (speakers) and a broadband Internet connection with an Ethernet cable available near your sound system. If you do not have speakers Click Here to learn more about our complete packages. Our service is compatible with any sound system that has an available input, such as AUX or CD. The media player connects in two places: to the router via standard network cable and to the amplifier via standard RCA cord.

3. Why use IO Music?

We'll explain in more detail, but basically, by using IO Music, you conveniently achieve these 3 goals:

You will NEVER have to worry about any inappropriate content, whether in music or messages. Your IO Music background music service-programming package is specific, commercial-free, and always appropriate for your business, because it's completely focused on YOUR brand.

All music licensing is included. You will never have to worry about receiving fines for playing music unlawfully in your business. IO Music takes care of all BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and SoundExchange fees.

It's just easier! After you plug it in, you click the remote, and that's it - a truly convenient business music solution.

3a - Why use IO Music instead of playing CDs or iPod?

Aside from the fact that it is illegal to replay copyrighted music in a business, there are other disadvantages. When a customer enters your establishment, there should be no doubt as to the quality and content of the commercial background music heard. The quality of music and lyrics on CDs or an iPod often varies from song to song and would take a great amount of time and effort to assemble and monitor.

CDs also require physical handling and storage, and may become repetitious. Registering with IO Music guarantees that the music and messages/ads played in-store are not only appropriate, but are chosen specifically to help communicate the sound of your brand from the time the doors open in the morning to when they close at night.

3b. Why use IO Music instead of satellite radio?

Satellite radio relies on an external antenna that can be troublesome to install and is dependent on your physical location. For example, a mall location is not conducive to a line of site satellite antenna, which must be installed in order to obtain reception. Our player receives data continually from a broadband connection, so no matter where your store is located or the weather conditions, you can count on great sounding background music, static-free. Satellite radio music choices include their DJs, their promos and other distractions that are not focused on your brand, and which do not offer our customization.

3c. Why use IO Music instead of playing the local radio stations?

If you are satisfied with using local radio in your business, you probably wouldn't be reading this, but there are laws governing the replay of copyrighted music in commercial establishments that you may want to be aware of. These concerns are completely covered in your IO Music programming package so that you will never be liable for any of these fees while using our service. Local radio cannot offer you any of our customization options. And IO Music does not feature any commercials, DJ chatter, inappropriate content or any other unnecessary distractions that are not focused on your brand.

4. Is my business covered for music licensing?

When you subscribe to one of our packages, IO Music reports and pays all commercial licensing and royalty obligations to the artists, unless you operate an establishment that charges an admission or membership fee (e.g. a theme park, skating rink, dance club, health club, etc.) or uses music sources other than IO Music (such as CDs, DJs, live music or terrestrial radio, etc.), in which case you are responsible for payment of any copyright royalties to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or for any sound recordings.

5. Can I install the media player myself?

Absolutely, as long as you have an existing sound system and connection point to your router. Once you sign up we'll give you access to ongoing support information.

6. How much bandwidth does the media payer use?

The Player streams at 64k constant bit rate recommended minimum bandwidth is 1.5 MB with unlimited.

7. Is the Internet reliable?

Internet service providers have invested heavily to make sure connections and efficiency continue to improve. As one of the very first music webcasters, our parent company, www.radioio.com, has deep experience and knowledge in Internet music delivery, and enjoys more than 1.2 million consumers listening per month. We believe the Internet is a reliable, efficient and flexible way to deliver high quality music to your business.

8. How long is the warranty for the media player?

12 months - see Terms & Conditions for warranty details.

9. What do I do if I am a franchise owner and think it is a great idea to have a custom program for all of the stores?

Just enter the information on your sales inquiry and we will follow up, or Contact Us for a consultation.

10. How and when do I pay for the service?

Our web site allows you to sign up for your own account and pay securely online. You can choose to be billed quarterly or annually. The credit card you used to sign up for the service will automatically be billed every three months (quarterly) or once a year (annually).

11. What if I want to cancel?

Simply let us know prior to your next billing cycle.

12. How do I contact IO Music?

Click here to visit our Contact Us page.

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